Arcane is a Background that makes a mage who possesses it extremely difficult for mortals (and rarely other Awakened beings) to detect or remember. The mage may drop this affect at any time. This trait is rarely possessed by others, such as vampires and mummies. The Technocratic equivalent is Cloaking.

Dots in arcane remove dice from the dice pool from characters trying to detect the mage. At level 8 and above, the mage instead deducts successes from the detector's successes instead of dice from their dice pool.

The Ahl-i-Batini are notable for allowing Arcane ratings above 5[1]. The Batin Ritual of Occultation allows a mage to extend their arcane to as high as 10. At this level, even the mage's name written in stone will rapidly chip away and the mage may at moments physically fade from the Tellurian. Above level 6, the mage loses the ability to deliberately dampen their condition.

This trait appears to have its origins in the Arcane Fate of the Sidereals in Exalted.

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  1. Lost Paths: Ahl-i-Batin & Taftâni, pg. 39

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