An Apex is the figure that is responsible for the most fears that manifest in the Primordial Dream within a given area.


Every supernatural creature (and sometimes even mortals) have the potential to become the Apex. The requirement of becoming the Apex is regular contact with humanity, so a Vampire Elder that secludes themselves in their Haven has a low chance of becoming the Apex, while an actively meddling Changeling Court has a much higher chance.

In most cases, Beasts look to the Apex of a city as the leader, even if it is not a Begotten. Some Begotten, who have become the Apex, exploit this by sending nightmares to other Broods, bringing them to heel and forcing them to pay tribute.

Hive Traits Edit

Even if the Apex has little contact with local Begotten and vice-versa, they will be known by their influence on the local Hive. This takes the form of a Lair Trait that is imposed on every Chamber in the Apex's sphere of influence. If the Apex is a Beast, this probably reflects some aspect of their own Lair; non-Beasts will impose some feature appropriate to their own natures. An Apex vampire might impose perpetual darkness, for instance, while a Promethean Apex may leave a lingering stench throughout the Hive. The more powerful the Apex, the greater their influence on the Primordial Dream.

Notably, Beasts do not gain the automatic immunity to the Hive Trait that they do to their own Lair's Traits, which may range from a minor inconvenience to a serious threat. If the current Apex is making the Hive unliveable for many established Begotten, it may lead to an exodus, a regime change, or simply a reshaping of the entire Beast community to internalize the disruptive trait.