The Anubi are an anti-Lupine coterie founded by Mark Decker, the Gangrel Prince of Milwaukee.


The Anubi (from the Egyptian god Anubis, who guards the dead) are an elite fighting force created by the renowned werewolf hunter Mark Decker, in order to counter the Lupine advance in Milwaukee.

Well-trained and experienced, the Anubi are easily the most dangerous group in the city. They could well be overwhelmed with numbers, but otherwise they are unstoppable by any one faction. If the Anubi cease to patrol the Outlands, none would stop the Lupine from probe deeper into Milwaukee. As a result of their combined efforts, the Anubi control the roads in and out of Milwaukee.

Known MembersEdit

The coterie is composed of six to nine Cainites, some of whom are Caitiff. Anubi have a rotating membership, as vampires come, go, and die. A core group has stayed, however, and grown along with the city.

Known members