Antu, the Visage of Paths is one of the Apocalyptic Forms available to the Annunaki.

The Antu take on a very subtle Visage that looks quite human in daylight; evening reveals deep lines that form patterns on their form. Antu can move their bodies and hands quickly, have an unerring sense of direction, and extremely sharp senses. When consumed by their Torment, Antu become erratic and physically unstable, with echoing voices, fluctuating proportions and a blurred outline. They also tend to pull those around them into states of confusion and uncertainty. Unlike most of the Fallen, the Antu do not manifest wings when they transform as they never needed them to perform their duties nor did they need them when they lost the war in Heaven as they knew they would fall into Hell.

Many do not give the Antu enough credit for their work; many think of them as literal trailblazers. However, along with simple trails, the Antu were responsible for the currents of air and water and the abilities of humans and animals to travel. The angels of the elements, the Adad, the Ellil, and the Kishar were particularly close in these endeavours, helping the Antu see their visions through. Many of the Antu who have escaped the Abyss are troubled at the distinct lack of direction many humans have developed; some seek to help them find their way while others wish to confuse things further.

Background InformationEdit

In ancient Mesopotamia, Antu was a goddess and the first consort of Anu, the king of heaven. She is the mother of the Annunaki, among others.


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