Antonio della Passaglia was one of the first western vampires to insituate himself in the Middle Kingdom with the grudgingly acknowledgement of the local Kuei-jin. In the dawn of the Victorian Age, Passaglia saw a golden opportunity to build staggering amounts of influence without competition from other Cainites and other members of his Clan, as the wraiths of the Dark Kingdom of Jade did not know of the rather unpleasant history with his family and had a very different view on necromancers. Through his contact with the eastern Shadowlands, he attracted the attention of the local Blood Court, who paid him a visit in his haven in Beijing. His quick thinking and reasonable grasp of both Mandarin and Chinese customs saved him. He offered to share his knowledge of necromancy and betray his fellow Cainites in return for his unlife. The Kuei-jin, eager to learn more about the incoming foreigners, accepted, finding nothing unusual in Antonios continued correspondence with his mortal family.

Thanks to Antonio, the Giovanni are among the few Clans that have managed to gain a foothold in the Middle Kingdom, now under the leadership of Antonio’s descendant Martino.

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