Anthony Sands








Margaret d'Hautmont



Anthony Sands was one of the most respected vampires in Las Vegas.


During his lifetime, Sands was a famous architect and his services were sought by the rich and famous. One of his clients was a Toreador, who intended to preserve his talent by giving him the Embrace. Unfortunately, this shattered Sands creativity and he fled England, cursing his sire's name. For a long time, he traveled across Europe, unable to find peace with his undead nature. When he came to America, he became fascinated with the railroad and began to work with it, until he arrived in Las Vegas. Something at the place fascinated him and he decided to stay. When the first buildings like Cesar's palace were built, Sands was delighted and began supporting various architects and their ideas with money. He has earned the reputation of a competent investigator and riddle-solver and all Kindred within Las Vegas, even the Anarchs, respect him.

In the late 1996s, Sands secretly made a deal with the Giovanni from Las Vegas to undermine certain businesses in order to remove prince Benedic from his office and reinstitute a weaker prince in the office (who would direct his attention against the Giovanni). His plan, however, failed, when the Brujah Primogen learned of his scheme and reported to Benedic, who made Sands open to ridicule. Sands, deeply shamed, drawed into retreat and didn’t surface for a long time, leading some Kindred to believe that he had met Final Death either by the Giovanni or the Brujah.

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