Development: Nicky Rea
Additional Development: Ian Lemke, Mike Tinney and Cynthia Summers
Authors: Jennifer Albright with Nicky Rea and Phil Brucato
Mind's Eye Theatre Design: Mark Rein•Hagen, Ian Lemke and Mike Tinney
World of Darkness Created by: Mark Rein•Hagen
Original Sabbat Concepts by: Steve Brown
Editing: Cynthia Summers and Laura Perkinson
Art Direction: Richard Thomas
Interior Photography: J. Lank Hancock
Cover Design: Lawrence Snelly
Layout and Typesetting: Kathleen Ryan
Models: Hunters: Andrew Clark, Brian Wolf, Ryan Miller, Kalina Mercer, Seth Hancock, and Tony C.
The Mummy: Page Gleason
Ghoul Family: Genevieve McGillicuddy, J. Lank Hancock, Barbie Sewell, and Bill Aurealis
Sabbat and Antitribu: Ian Campbell, Dan Edmonds, Anh Nguyen, Rebecca Allen, S. Stokes, Barbara Sewell, Kim Bell, Charles Christanson, William A. Wallace, Jason Puckett, Paul Mercer, Sarah Smith, and Philip Gochenour
Mortal Victims at Little Five] Amanda Mulhair and Deedee Jones
Special Thanks to: Mike "Cap'n" Tinney, for boldly Raging where no one has Raged before.
Justin "No. 1" Achilli, for being Mike's Number One in a department of two.
Publisher: White Wolf Publishing, Inc.
Imprint: White Wolf Game Studio
Published: 1995
Pages: 144
Year: 1995
Publication #: WW 5020
Reference #: ISBN 1-56504-502-5
Price: $15.00

Antagonists is a sourcebook on antagonists for The Masquerade, the Mind's Eye Theatre live-action roleplaying game that later became Laws of the Night. The book covers a number of mortal and supernatural antagonists for vampires, with a focus on hunters and the Sabbat, and provides full MET rules for creating characters from these diverse backgrounds. A number of details are drawn directly (albeit in a very condensed format) from The Hunters Hunted, Mummy, the Players Guide to the Sabbat, and the Year of the Hunter sourcebooks The Inquisition and Project Twilight.


From the White Wolf catalog:

Who Hunts the Hunters?
The rainy, darkened street stretches before you, pale arcs from faraway streetlamps reflecting in trash-strew puddles. Behind you echo the footsteps of the hunter. You turn, searching through the fog for a glimpse of your pursuer. Is tonight's adversary mortal or immortal? What fearful powers does she possess? From ahead of you, other footsteps sound, and the creak of a fire escape tells of foes overhead as well. Where will you run when there's nowhere left to hide?
Antagonists features:
  • Complete rules for mortals, including rules and roleplaying notes for the Inquisition, government agents and independent hunters.
  • Updated Numina, with rules for using True Faith, Hedge Magic and psychic powers.
  • And finally, the long-awaited and complete character creation rules for the Sabbat!

Book One: Mortal AntagonistsEdit

Chapter One: IntroductionEdit

Guidelines for creating and playing Storyteller characters to serve as effective antagonists.

Chapter Two: Daylight in DarknessEdit

Rules for creating and playing mortal characters.

Chapter Three: One the Threshold of TwilightEdit

Rules for creating and playing hunters, including descriptions of the Inquisition and twilight agencies.

Chapter Four: Numina: The Gifts of EnlightenmentEdit

True Faith, Psychic Abilities and Hedge Magic.

Book Two: Supernatural OpponentsEdit

Chapter Five: Shadows in the LightEdit

Rules for mummies, the Children of Osiris, and revenants, as well as brief descriptions of several factions of independent ghouls and of roles that werewolves, mages, and wraiths might play in The Masquerade.

Chapter Six: Enlightenment into DarknessEdit

A guideline to the Sabbat and its practices, including Ritae, Vaulderie and the Vinculum.

Chapter Seven: Darkness in AscendanceEdit

Character creation rules for Sabbat characters, including the Lasombra, Tzimisce, antitribu clans, Ahrimanes and Kiasyd.

Chapter Eight: In Darkness LuminescentEdit

Sabbat Disciplines, Abilities, derangements and Paths of Enlightenment, as well as guidelines for storytelling a Sabbat chronicle.

Appendix: Masquerade ErrataEdit

Corrections for The Masquerade Second Edition: derangements, the "fair escape" rule, and influences.

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