Anshar, the Visage of the Firmament is one of the Apocalyptic Forms available to the Fallen, specifically those of the House of Asharu.

Appearing as strange, almost alien beings with large eyes and wings, the Anshar see beyond mortal means with enhanced senses and a strong intuition. Although they strive to connect and create relationships, they themselves are afraid of growing too close to things that can hurt them in one way or another. High-Torment Anshar shroud themselves in mist and smoke, and shrink into bony bags of flesh. They are difficult to spot, and can attack quickly and destructively while being almost totally aware of what is going on around them. Eventually, they fade away completely, causing them to lose every connection they ever had.

The Anshar were once among the most powerful of angels. They formed the relationships between everything, from those of the simple animal to the complex range of human emotion. Every connection once fell into the abilities of the Anshar to create and control; the Fall reduced these powers to a mere shade of what they were capable of. Most debilitating was the loss of the ability to create new kinds of connections; Anshar may only manipulate the ones that currently exist.

Background InformationEdit

In ancient Sumerian mythology, Anshar was one of the gods of the sky. He is both the brother and husband of Kishar, a goddess of the Earth.


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