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We here at are firm believers in the Libertarian Philosophy. In short - KEEP THE GOVERNMENT OUT OF OUR BUSINESS! However, it may not be for the same reasons you think! For those of you with a greater interest, the following is taken from the The Libertarian Party Homepage.

"Libertarians respect the right of every individual to make his or her own choices in every aspect of life. Who knows better how to run your life: you, or the government?
And unlike some who call themselves "pro-choice" on a single issue, the Libertarian Party supports choice across the board: in how you choose to spend your money, raise your children, and save for your retirement. These choices should not be forced on you through a one-size-fits-all "plan" cooked up by politicians. It's your life, not theirs!
Libertarians also recognize that with choice comes responsibility -- the responsibility to respect the rights of others, and the responsibility to deal with the consequences of your choices. The government shouldn't force you to pay for other people's choices -- but you shouldn't expect government to force your neighbors to pay for your choices, either.
And Libertarians recognize that people won't always make the right choices. Libertarians don't take their stand for choice because they necessarily support the choices that some people might make, but because letting individuals make their own choices and take responsibility for those choices is the only way to respect their rights."

However, we take this philosophy even further than the party-line. Because we believe that ANONYMITY is key to taking responsibility for your actions. After all, how can you be expected to do the right thing when others around you are going to punish you for doing what they lack the power and conviction to do? There are many things that go on in this world that we cannot control or explain and it is often these forces that are at work behind the scenes controlling the people's free will.

Have you ever considered who's running the government? What are their motives? Is it possible that the supernatural could be involved?

Over the years, our group has gathered a large database on the paranormal and psychic phenomenon that points exactly to that conclusion.

We here at have created the following user survey in an attempt to ferret out the activities of those individuals, but we need your help. Please answer the following questions in the most honest way that you can. Then submit the form to us so that we may evaluate it and assess whether you can help us with our mission of creating a government free from the persecution of those able to control us through the law and by other means.

Please enter your e-mail address:
Sex [X] Female [_] Male
Marital Status [X] no [_] yes [_] lifepartner
Are you currently attending school? [X] Yes [_] No
What is your level of Education? [X] below 8th grade [_] 8th-12th [_] high school diploma/ GED [_] currently in college [_] college degree
Are you currently employed? [X] Yes [_] No
Name the individual you LEAST trust in our government.
What religion do you practice?
Please check the boxes indicating Psychic or Occult Phenomena you have PERSONALLY experienced in you life. Seen a Ghost/Spectre/Spirit

Felt that I knew what someone else was thinking
Had a sense that something bad was going to happen before it did
Experienced deja vu
Seen something unnatural, but when you looked again it was gone
Had violent dreams of death at the hands of macabre creatures
Seen a "Glow" surrounding another being - their "aura"

How many times have you experienced psychic phenomena in your life? [X] 0-5 [_] 6-10 [_] 11-15 [_] 16-20 [_] 21-30 [_] 30+
Do you drink or take drugs? [X] Never [_] More than Once a Day [_] Once a Day [_] More than Once a Week [_] Once a Week
Do you say you drink/use drugs more often or less often than in the past? [X] More than I used to [_] Less than I used to [_] about the same
Do you own a gun? [X] Yes [_] No [_] More than one [_] Buying one soon
Please tell us about any Paranormal Encounters you may have had. (25 words or less)
Is there anything else you would like to tell us about or that you think we should be aware of?

Thank you for your time.

We will contact you by e-mail if we need further information.

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