FANDOM is a fringe political group, or at least claims to be; in actuality, it's a false front end for, the center of Imbued activity.

Background Information Edit

Shortly before the October, 1999 release of Hunter: The Reckoning, White Wolf made a last-minute ill-considered decision: they claimed that they had been bought out. The organization who bought them out was, of course, Some people got the joke right away, others took longer. A lot of people got angry. Some decided to boycott White Wolf, or at least Hunter.

Due to the World of Darkness having ceased publication in early 2004, was taken down sometime after September 24, 2004. For your convenience, we have mirrored the site here, although due to the limitations of Wiki software the site has little of the original functionality. The page may also be found archived at, which can be found here, this page is identical to the original, save that the form will not work.

Upon completion of the original form, a notification would be sent to "," and the user would then receive email notification about and their selected username: Anon52, password "Messenger".

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