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Anna Magdelena is a former Justicar of Clan Nosferatu and an expert on vampire psychology.


A scholary woman, Anna Magdelena studied the psychology of Elder Kindred. She coined the term Afflotoxis to describe the process of wasting mentally away that affects most Elders at a certain period of time. As Elders came to experience fewer and fewer real sensations, they become jaded and sociopathic, as other persons become pieces in their own mini-Jyhads that are waged as much for survival as for amusement.

Most of them are afraid of losing any ounce of power and rarely take risks, because they have more to lose, like their immortality. She noted the tendencies of Elders without clear goals, like the Inconnu, to enter Torpor voluntarily, rather than to face each night again. She also noted the repetitive patterns of patricide and discord among vampires, where childer slay and devour their sires, because these refuse to see anything more in them than tools or mementos, or allow them to become rivals that eventually turn on them.


Elysium: The Elder Wars p. 25-26

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