-Alicia Varney

-Queen of Night


True Brujah




Brujah Antediluvian

Anis, Queen of Night, was one of two secret childer supposedly Embraced by Brujah (also known as Ilyes) aside from his official get, Troile.


According to some ancient and impossible-to-confirm rumours, Anis wished to break the bond of control from Sire to Childe, and convinced Troile that she must destroy their Sire for the freedom of his childer. She also blood-bound Troile to herself before the diablerie, ensuring any of his offspring would also be blood-bound to her. This would put Anis in a unique position to combat the machinations of the Antediluvians as she had not blood bound to any of the existing Antediluvians, as well as having the Antediluvian Troile blood-bound to her.

Also amongst ancient rumour is a fairy tale that Anis and another Kindred, whose identity is even more impossible to trace than hers, brewed a potion in ancient Egypt, a complex and terribly magical one, which bestowed the gift of Golconda on them both.

No word has been found of Anis in recent decades. Some suspect she has met her final death, while most guess she has fallen into the deep torpor into which all Ancients inevitably fall.

It's also rumored that she inhabits the body of a ghoul that works as a "servant" for a priscus of the Sabbat in Mexico City, giving her some influence of the Sabbat's command structure.


The Red Death Trilogy has not been considered canon by White Wolf. As such, Anis appears only in that Trilogy. The sourcebook Gehenna even states that the Brujah Antediluvian had only one childe.


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