Angelique is one of the few remaining Cappadocians. She has her haven in Saqqara, awaiting the awakening of her sire, Lazarus.


Angelique was embraced by Lazarus when he moved into Egypt, after he had killed Caias Koine and had left his main Clan. It is said that he found her in a coptic monastery as the sole survivor of a terrible plague. When Lazarus entered Torpor, Angelique protected his body, maintaining a silent vigil over his torpid meditation. When the Giovanni began to hunt their parent Clan, she made an arrangement with Mukhtar Bey, the prince of nearby Cairo, to expel the Giovanni from his domain. The prince initially refused, but changed his mind after Angelique displayed her necromantic powers by raising the dead of his city to disturb the Masquerade. Bey granted Angelique the domain between Giza and Saqqara to appease her and to be alerted of developments in the Underworld.

Recently, with the arrival fo the Harbingers of Skulls and the Sixth Maelstrom, Lazarus has begun to stir in his meditation and Angelique awaits his awakening with childish glee.


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