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-Former Bishop of Oregon


Andrew Emory is a Lasombra who uses the tentacles called forth with Obtenebration to carry himself, as he is disabled.


Just because rebellion is sometimes necessary or desirable doesn’t mean you can build a routine out of it. Most of the time, really, we don’t behave all that much differently from the Camarilla or most independent vampires. Leaders give orders, underlings carry them out.
  — Andrew Emory

Originally a reporter, Emory's life was changed in a car crash that paralyzed him from the waist down. He continued his work, however, but but became a young punk around the post-punk zine scene. In 1986 he was among the authors that wrote a book called "KILLING LEVIATHON. NEW PERSPECTIVES IN ART AS THE DEATH OF MONO-CONSCIOUSNESS AND FASCISM".

After ten years of cruelty and constant challenges, he caused another car accident that claimed the life of his parents. As he lay in his car, unable to get out, a woman approached him. She told him that everything that had happened to him had been a test, to see if he was worthy. After telling him the story how she was herself subjected to a similar this trial by her sire, she asked him if he would accept her the gift of the embrace. Andrew did, and from that night on, he was a Cainite.

He was introduced into the Sabbat by his sire Conrad, but after a brief period of time his strenght of character made him the Ductus of his own nomadic pack, composed by Barry Morn (the Pack Priest), Roxana, Simon Peter, Niccolo and Rose. Andrew himself rose even further in the sect's echelons, and has been appointed as Bishop of Portland. His duties to the sect allow him to travel the world very often, but around the year 2000 he was given the dire task to capture and escort the infamous Lucita de Aragón to a Court of Blood at the order of the Lasombra Cardinals.

Andrew and his pack surpisingly succeeded in this perilous endeavor, but after Lucita's trial, they assigned to join forcess with Monçada's childe and to accompany her in an investigation to stop a group of Abyss summoners. During a Vaulderie, Lucita had an insight on Andrew's persona, describing him as a malevolent knot of will surrounded by an endless transmuting body - his flesh is anything and everything he needs it to be. She said his mind is clear and correct in every regard, and he demolishes mysteries by his very approach. It's also considered that part of him would never be happy with society or indeed with anything but the act of destruction.