Birth Name: André Joseph Corbin
Chosen Name: Bender
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: March 23, 1985
Date of Eruption: Unknown
Place of Origin: Scotland
Occupation: Aberrants (Co-Founder)
Default Association: Aberrants


André Joseph Corbin, a Scottish soccer player, erupted as a nova and joined Team Tomorrow as "Bender" due to his powers of emotional manipulation. However, Corbin wasn't much of a team player, and was eventually kicked off the Team after the infamous incident where he threw a pie in the face of Caestus Pax.

He kept close ties with Jennifer "Slider" Landers, however, and was one of the few people she trusted with her secret: awareness of the conspiracy within Project Utopia calling itself Proteus. This knowledge led to her death, for which Corbin was blamed.

Corbin went into hiding and, with the help of Sophia Rousseau, founded the Aberrants.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Character SheetEdit


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