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The Anarch Free State is a concept and truth that all Anarchs fight for, typically involving the freedom of vampires from the politics, Princes, and Masquerade of the Camarilla.

1944 - December 21: The Second Anarch Revolt begins. Salvador Garcia raids Prince Don Sebastian Juan Dominguez's ranch, but when he arrives, the Don is already dead. Only one Malkavian remains, speaking of a golden-haired demon. Only Jeremy MacNeil, Salvador Garcia, and the unnamed Malkavian know the true story. The rest of Kindred society believes that Garcia defeated Don Sebastian in one-on-one combat, and this becomes a popular tale of valor for the Anarchs.

1948: The Status Perfectus is written by Jeremy McNeil and Salvador Garcia.

1998: The Kuei-jin incursion begins, establishing the New Promise Mandarinate and destroying most of the Free State by turning Anarchs against each other.

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