An Ananata is a pocket-realm within the Umbra that is used by the Nagah as a safe haven in a similar way to the den-realms of the Bastet. Each Ananata is unique and a part of the Nagah who created it, but a Nest can also share one Ananata through some rites. Unlike a den-realm, a Ananata is portable; however, one can only carry one Ananata at a time. Access is generally gained through a source of fresh water.

To enter the Umbra, the Nagah rely on the connection they share with their Ananta, because of their lacking relation with other spirits. While the Ananta stands, the Nagah who call it home can only step sideways when they are in its immediate presence, entering or leaving the physical world “adjacent to” the portion of the Penumbra where the Ananta has been established. If a Nagah is carrying the Ananta within himself at the moment, then he may step sideways in the usual fashion; his nestmates cannot, although he can act as “opener of the way” and lead them across the Gauntlet.

Some Ananata, like Nandana, are fixed and are the home of various powerful Nagah.


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