An Amphiskiopolis (literally “City of Doubled Shadows”) is a city or gathering place of spectres within the Labyrinth. They form themselves on their own regard when spectres with shared interests meet on a casual base. The more spectres occupy an Amphiskiopolis, the more powerful and stable they become; up to the point where they construct twisted mazes of reflections of buildings from the era of their death- usually side-by- side with temples and monuments dedicated to Oblivion. Architecture tends to be utilitarian and propagandistic, as privacy and shelter are something most spectres do not need. Often, spectres battle with each other over the control of an Amphiskiopolis until the city itself breaks down into the raw Plasm of the Labyrinth. Only the most hardened Doomslayers venture into an Amphiskiopolis and few return to tell the tale.

Time within an Amphiskiopolis is a strange thing; spectres refer to their cities with a faster flow of time as kindleds and the remains of a destroyed kindled who possess a much slower flow of time as barrows. Sometimes, bands of spectres who see it as their personal calling to bring death and stillness to the world begin by destroying a kindled Amphiskiopoli.

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