Dr. Amours Katlilian was the creater of Recombiant C, a drug used in Project Flatline. It allowed a group of prisoners being used as test subjects to eject their souls from their bodies temporarily. However, when the prisoners escaped, becoming known as the Flatliners, it created a fiasco of epic proportions.

Dr. Katlilian died soon after, but not by any government or natural means; he had been possessed by a Spectre, a Reaper by the name of Malevoy who served the Malfean Lamachis. He left Katlilian's body at the suggestion of Uriah Bishop, one of the Project Flatline test subjects, to find one more suitable for distribution of his drug creation. Malevoy took Bishop's advice, and Katlilian's body, whose own soul had been eradicated by the Reaper, died soon after. Malevoy eventually took up residence in the body of Dr. Lionel Squib.

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