The Amkhat (literally Corpse-eater) are a mortal cannibal cult that gains strength from those they consume. They particularly like to eat Mummies. Unfortunatly, they are also prone to develop derangements from their special diets.

The Amkhat have existed since the time of the first Pharaohs. The rites of the Amkhat centered around the ritual feeding from human flesh in order to increase their own powers (attributes). One of Osiris first edicts was to ban the consummation of human flesh within his kingdom, but the Amkhat continued to practice their vile rites in secret. Dedicated to Apophis and firm believers in its inevitable swallowing of the sun, the Amkhat are agents of Isfret from the mortal plane that exchange the values of Ma'at for power. The Amkhat cults had a pinnacle of their faith during the era of the Devil Kings and continue even now to infest the lands around the Middle East, preying on the constant chaos within the lands.

Most Amkhata are ordinary humans, complete with families and ties that would make their sudden disappearence suspicious.

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