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Name: Amara Havana
Plural: Amara Havana
Pronunciation: ah-MAH-ra ha-VAH-na
Nicknames: Guardians
Parent Clan: Daeva
Disciplines: Celerity, Majesty, Sakti Pata, and Vigor

The Amara Havana are a Daeva bloodline from India. They see themselves as the descendents of gods and asuras released by the demon king Ravana in ancient legends. In the battle that followed the clash of these two forces, the goddess Durga and the asura Mahishasura mixed and led to the first Avara Havana, according to their legends. Out of the vampiric lineages in India, the Avara Havana consider themselves the equals of the Nosferatu Rakshasa bloodline and inferior only to the Mekhet Ananta Naga bloodline.

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