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Allicia is the only known childe of Modius, the kindred Prince of Gary, Indiana.


Short and of average build, Allicia is a dark-haired beauty of apparently mixed European descent. Her wide, full eyes are a sharp near-emerald green that shines against her pale skin.  She has notably thin lips, but a wide, easy smile.  When angered, however, her face becomes a stone mask of rage.  She wears old fashioned clothing, seemingly more suitable to an older looking woman, and nearly always wears a lace shawl.

She doesn't remember much of her life prior to her embrace in the 1930s, but during her "living years" (those years where she didn't necessarily have to mask her appearance of not getting any older), she would attach herself to rich, older gentlemen.  The leading industrialist of Gary were her lovers and herd.

She has since become concerned about her immortality and worried about severing her connections to her mortal contacts.  She is a known figure in the east side of Chicago as a rich eccentric that will not leave Gary. Allicia now spends most of her time with her sire, Modius.  Modius, through a blood bond, has "asked" Allicia to make sure the other Kindred of Gary become loyal to him. 

She hasn't spoken a word since the 1940s. It is not because she can't speak, its more that she won't speak.  Most of her communication is done with her expressive face and hand gestures.

Character SheetEdit

Clan: Toreador
Sire: Modius
Generation: 8th
Nature: Confidant/Caretaker
Demeanor: Martyr/Caregiver
Last Known Location: Gary, Indiana
Physical: Strength: 1, Dexterity: 3, Stamina: 2
Social: Charisma: 2, Manipulation: 1, Appearance: 5 (Mysterious)
Mental: Perception: 2, Intelligence: 3, Wits: 3
Talents: Acting: 2, Alertness: 1, Athletics: 1, Brawl: 1, Dodge: 2, Empathy: 3, Streetwise: 1
Skills: Animal Ken: 3, Drive: 2, Etiquette: 2, Firearms: 2, Melee: 1, Music: 4 (Lyrical Voice), Stealth: 2
Knowledge: Bureaucracy: 1, Computer: 1, Investigation: 2**, Linguistics: 1, Occult: 2* 3**, Politics: 1
Disciplines: Auspex: 1, Celerity: 1, Dominate: 1, Obfuscate: 1**, Presence: 3
Backgrounds: Herd 3, Mentor: 3, Resources: 2
Virtues: Conscience: 5, Self Control: 2, Courage: 2
Path of Enlightment: Humanity: 9
Willpower: 5


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