Alexander Meuser

Alexander Meuser




19th century






Prince of Jerusalem

Doctor Alexander Meuser is the Brujah Prince of Jerusalem.


Meuser was a Zionist philosopher during the 19th century, who traveled across Europe to gather support for the creation of a new Jewish nation. During one of his travels, he sparked the interest of a Brujah, who was impressed by Meuser's skill at debates and his passion. After his Embrace, Meuser quickly transferred his passion to the Brujah cause, drawing many parallels between the suffering of the Jewish people and the Brujah: Both had been robbed of their promised land by the Romans, both were misunderstood and targeted by society, and both sought to recreate their homeland.

Meuser relocated to Palestine, where he began to lead pockets of Jewish resistance fighters against the British occupiers and, during the time of the Second World War, aided refugees to find a new home.

While the British Ventrue were busy blaming Setites and Inconnu agents for the failure of their colonial politic in Palestine, Meuser began to insert himself into the movement that would later form the state of Israel. He presented himself to the local Cainites not as a ruler, but as a diplomat of the Camarilla's interest in the region. The locals were contend to let Meuser assume the office of princedom as a figurehead of the sect's authority, as long as they would be let in peace. This, however, led much of the administration of the Traditions to the inhabitants, while Meuser was able to forge his own power base. He used the factionalism among the local Kindred to draw them to his banner, promising them stability in exchange for their loyalty.

Still, his rule is threatened. Coteries of both Palestinian and Israeli Kindred seek to wage their war even beyond the grave, while a group of Ventrue Elders seeks to renew conflict with the local Assamites.