Birth Name: Alex Doan
Chosen Name: Synapse
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: June 26, 1990
Date of Eruption: Unknown
Place of Origin: Seattle, Washington
Occupation: Hacker
Default Association: Teragen
Archetype: Portent (First Stage)


T2M Americas accidentally put Alex in a coma when they destroyed the arcade the boy was in during the take down of a renegade nova. As a show of good faith (and to prevent lawsuit), Team Tomorrow took the boy to a special Triton facility. Alex's body was hooked up to an advanced mainframe, using the latest technology to keep his mind and boy stimulated. This unprecedented level of input caused him to erupt. Unconsciously, Alex's mind drifted into the mainframe and eventually into the OpNet, where he learned that was on it. It was a couple of years before Alex "discovered" his body and what had really happened to him. Seething with anger - toward his frail body, T2M and Project Utopia - he engineered his escape in 2005. Using his newly discovered powers, he arranged to have his body and the mainframe transported to a safe location in New York City, all without Utopia finding out, until it was too late. Once safe, he contacted Mal personally and asked to join the Teragen.

Since then, Synapse has been the tech and data whiz of the movement. Only 18 and bitter at being a cripple, Synapse hates all baselines and especially Utopia, whom he blames for keeping him alive.

Few know what Synapse really looks like, because he constantly changes shape and identity. Most know Alex as Synapse, but he has scripted a handful of identities he uses to infiltrate the many cliques of the Teragen. As "Code", he is one of Narcosis' followers, and "Interrupt" helps spread Primacy propaganda through the OpNet.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Synapse is data. He has mastery of electronics, computer in particular. He can extend his consciousness into the OpNet, where he can access any system, given the right amount of time. His real body in a coma, Synapse can manifest as totally lifelike quantum holograms, having both mass and dimensions, as long as there is a nearby electrical source. He can also manipulate energy defensively and offensively.

Storyteller InformationEdit

Destiny Edit

In 2061, during the general chaos of the first Aberrant War, Synapse is ambushed by a Taint-maddened Mungu Kuwasha, and the two data-masters battle inside the OpNet, leaving a global trail of trashed computers in their wake. Ultimately, Synapse's greater knowledge of the OpNet (where, after all, he technically lives) enables him to gain the upper hand, but it's a Pyrrhic victory; the dying Kuwasha unleashes his infamous electro-optical pulse, and the destruction of the OpNet forces Synapse back into the decrepit body of Alex Doan. How long Alex lives after that is debatable.

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