Alejandro Kleist




Lasombra antitribu









Alejandro Kleist is one of the few Lasombra antitribu. He is known for years of faithful service as Archon to the Justicars of both the Gangrel and the Brujah clans. He is a fearsome pirate, captain of the Black Aegis.


In 1942, shortly after the Americans entered the war, Justicar Xavier approached me. He knew of my work mediating between our clan’s antitribu and the Camarilla, resolving conflicts peaceably and promoting joint ventures on matters of mutual interest. He found that interesting, and told me that he wanted the Camarilla to stop being, in his words, "such a Club of Seven and more what we like to tell everyone else it is." I would be-again, in his words "Apostle to the Others." That suited me, as I felt I’d gone about as far as I could without more authority, and this kind of offer presumably wouldn’t come along very often.
  — Alejandro Kleist

Archon-captain Alejandro Kleist cut a striking figure, particularly in the midst of a typical tourist crowd. His ancestors had been Spanish and German, and he showed features from both sides; he wore his long black hair in a platinum ring decorated with the badges of half a dozen patron saints. He looked out at the world through piercingly sharp blue eyes tinged with silver.

He is the first Lasombra given his own ship to operate as a pirate against both the naval extensions of the Sabbat and the rising threat of the Kuei-jin in the Pacific. His work to represent the minor bloodlines within the Camarilla and strengthen the ties between the sect and the antitribu has been vital for future treaties between both groups and he is held in high esteem by most Elders. His current whereabouts are unknown to the public.

Known as a master of Obtenebration and swordsmanship, he has also served as a champion in duels between the Ventrue and the Toreador. His ship, the Black Aegis, is the first of a building fleet under the direct control of the Camarilla, manned by ghouls and directed by him and his assistant and Executive Officer Randall Thomas.