Written by:

Emrey Barnes

Developed by:

Phil Brucato

Edited by:

Laura Letbetter

Art Director:

Richard Thomas

Layout and Typesetting:

Aileen E. Miles


Randy Post, Joshua Gabriel Timbrook, Lawrence Allen Williams

Front Cover:

Michael Wm. Kaluta

Front & Back Cover Design:

Aileen E. Miles

Special Thanks to:

Rich "You'll Never Work in this Town Again" Thomas, for his faith in FedEx and comic-book boys.
Aileen "Black Leather Monster" Miles, for bringing out her biker best for fall.
Larry "Flea Circus" Snelly, for his endless battle against microscopic roommates.
Kathy "Wyld Thang" Ryan, for putting her dark side down on paper where it belongs.
Chris "Right Hand Man" McDonough, for what he's doing just out of frame.
Josh "Eat Me" Timbrook, for his Halloween greeting to the fans.
Rob "Network" Dixon, for being so laid back that we can't slam him the way he deserves.


White Wolf Publishing, Inc.


White Wolf Game Studio


December 1994





Publication #:

WW 04057

Reference #:

ISBN 1-56504-410-X

The Akashic Brotherhood Tradition Book is the sourcebook on the Akashic Brotherhood for Mage: The Ascension.

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