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Not to be confused with Agenda.

Agencies are allied Rings of Unchained that have joined in order to fulfill certain missions.

Most Agencies are temporal. These Agencies provide their demonic clients with access to Embeds and Exploits. They also serve as a link to an underground network of dealers in information, as well as purveyors of illicit goods and services. Their hottest trade among the Unchained is in Covers. More influential Agencies are arbitrators of Pacts, enlisting hundreds of disillusioned mortals that sell unwanted parts of their lives to form Covers in exchange for services rendered by the Agency. Other Agencies include Insurgents, who work to overtake Infrastructure and harm the God-Machine, and Free Agencies comprised mostly of Demons fresh from their Fall wanting to discuss their experiences and the strange new world of free will they have stumbled into.

On occasion, the God-Machine sends Angels to infiltrate Agencies, sometimes subverting whole groups. In some cases the God-Machine allows a handful of demons to remain free so long as they regularly turn other demons over to it. The arrangement ends as soon as the compromised Agency tries to slip out of the God-Machine's control or fails to meet its patron's quotas.

Active AgenciesEdit

  • Eastern Berlin Agency (Demon: The Descent - Page 60)
  • The Loyal League (Splintered City: Seattle - Page 24)
  • Moscow Agency (Demon: The Descent - Page 60)
  • The New Humanists (Splintered City: Seattle - Page 28)
  • Tel Aviv Free Agency (Flowers of Hell: The Demon Players Guide - Page 92)
  • Western Berlin Agency (Demon: The Descent - Page 60)

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