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Harbingers of Skulls







Agaitas, also known as the Scholar of Antiquities, is an 8th generation Harbinger of Skulls.


Agaitas has a thirst for vengeance unparalleled by anyone outside the Harbingers of Skulls.  Agaitas did not meet the Cappadocian’s standards of worth, something that greatly angered him.  To see a proud heritage be destroyed by the Giovanni, clan of second-rate usurpers and grave robbers was an ironic – if not a just – death for the Cappadocians.

Agaitas survived hellish unlifetimes in the rapidly unpredictable Shadowlands and now has returned to the realm of the living.  Since his return, Agaitas has taken charge of protecting the Harbingers’ secrets.  He euphemistically calls himself a “Scholar of Antiquities,” an elaborate title for a simple enforcer.  Agaitas visits Montreal frequently, consulting with the Sabbat scholars there, as they have the finest occult and historical database accessible to the Sabbat.

Agaitas has round black eyes, like a shark’s.  He wears a mask of stretched skin pulled tight around his own skull-like head.  His hair is frail and dried like a corpse.  He almost looks like a scarecrow. Agaitas gives off a cold sensation, like a numbing chill.  When questioning others his presence can cower the uncooperative.

Character SheetEdit

Agaitas, the Scholar of Antiquities
Sire: Egothha
Nature: Architect
Demeanor: Director
Generation: 8th
Apparent Age: Indeterminate



Nights of Prophecy, p. 157

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