The Aediles or Supervisors, are a prestigious rank among the Ventrue hierarchy within a city.


Below the Praetor, lie the Aedile. These Ventrue aid the Gerousia and its leader as their spokesmen, delivering instructions requests and orders to the rest of the clan. As lieutenants of the Praetor, they keep tabs on what the lower-ranked clan members are up to, and take care of the specifics of running a corporation (such as managing nightly financial issues, investigating potential new investments or ensuring that all the bribes have been paid on time).

Aediles are usually experienced ancillae - individuals who have a proven track record and have established their own business and influence domains within the city. They have resources enough to help them carry out their duties without needing help from anyone else.

They are nominated by the Praetor alone or by the Gerousia as a whole, and there is technically no limit to the number a city might have. In practice, there are seldom more than three aediles even in the largest cities, but they are usually just one or two.

The Ventrue hierarchy within a city also includes:


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