The Advocate is one of the Archetypes that manifest in a Bound after his return. Advocates are focused on aiding ghosts to resolve their anchors and moving on.

To an Advocate, the demands of the dead are as important- if not more important- than those of the living. Many help resolve the unfinished business of ghosts because they want to. After all, if he does right by the dead then a Sin-Eater can earn the respect of other shades, and makes his life easier in lots of little ways. Some ghosts, however, can be terribly self-centered in their approach, trying to force the Advocate into cooperation by hurting him or his loved ones.

Some Advocates grow so close to the dead that they lose sight of the mortal part of existence. People become defined as amalgams of emotional connections and relationships, objects become worthless hunks of matter that only gain significance when they are involved in death.