Adri is a Ravnos vampire in the modern nights.


Born 1959 in India, Adri's normal life was shaken when he witnessed a battle between seven vampiric creatures. Inflicted with terror, he ignited the dry grass and drove both parties off. Later, he was visited by a group of Ravnos who Embraced him in order to battle further against the Kuei-Jin.

When the Week of Nightmares devastated the clan, Adri was subject to a frenzy that induced him with various hallucinations that showed him the battle of his progenitor against various other supernatural creatures. After his delusions had ended, he felt the sudden urge to travel to Africa, guided by visions and hallucinations that would cause him to lose every sense of direction. He traveled to Cairo, Egypt and settled down, claiming to be a Caitiff. Now, he fears from being unmasked by Waulkeen, the caitiff prophet of Cairo and keeps a low profile, still waiting for guidance from his visions.


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