Adad, the Visage of Storms is one of the Apocalyptic Forms available to the Fallen, specifically those of the House of Lammasu.

The Adad resemble the waters and weather they rule, with green skin and electrical discharges crawling over their bodies. When they become consumed with Torment, quills grow from their shoulders, they grow the teeth and skin of a shark, and may spew clouds of inky mist. Sometimes, the pollutants and contaminants of the sea also manifest themselves in the Adad's form.

The Adad were, at their most basic, charged with controlling water from the depths of the seas to the vapor in the skies. Like the Nusku, the Ellil, and the Kishar, their job at manipulating the elements makes them somewhat more grounded in reality than other Fallen. Therefore, the Adad are the least idealistic of the Lammasu, able to deal more in reality than the Ishhara and the Mammetum. They remain fiercely proud of their work to this day; after all, seventy percent of the world's surface remains covered by their endeavours. However, some Adad seem to remember a role they once served as a destroyer for God, flooding the world to purify it. These modern fallen remain convinced they're supposed to do it again.

Background InformationEdit

In ancient Babylon and Assyria, Adad was the name of the storm-god.

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