Followers of Set



Acthoes was a Setite who ruled over Faiyum (called Heracleopolis at the time), during the 9th dynasty.


Acthoes was, by what is remembered from him, a petty and cruel despot, who ruled over the mortals in his domain like cattle, using the grief of Pharaoh to insinuate his own mortal family into the power structures of the city. He even went so far as to declare himself independent from the Clan, which proved to be a great mistake when the city was taken by Mentuhotep from Thebes, who is rumored to had backing from the rest of the Clan to bring Acthoes' workings to ruin. Rumors tell that Acthoes himself was eventually carried off by a crocodile for his bad treatment of his people.

In his ways to further misery and his rumored departure, it can be speculated that Acthoes founded an earlier incarnation of the Abd’al-Sobek.


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