Aconia Messalina was one of the first followers –and first Lasombra- of the Road of Sin and also the first to break with the main Road and to create her own Path (much to the dismay of the medieval Lasombra).

A woman of intense passions and a sharp mind, Aconia was among the first to flock behind Tanithbaal-Sahars teachings in ancient Rome. When she decided to focus on a single strand of desire, her former comrades did not received this well, particularly the Nosferatu Servius Marius Pustula. After a series of arguments, Aconia left Rome behind and settled in Ancona, where she began to rule as a prince and further formulated the Path of Pleasure in various pieces of lyrical poetry. She settled in a temple dedicated to Venus, establishing a dynasty of pleasure-priestesses. When she fell to Torpor, her sleeping body was laid to rest under her temple. Even when Italy was under papal regency, the cult she had founded persisted and her childer continued the tradition she started throughout the Long Night.

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