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I find no truths except in darkness. The world will not interest me until all traces of light have been expunged from it forever. I act only to hasten the end of the last day.
  — Filipe Toreaso Maguno, pack member, Cali, Colombia

The Children are the dedicated practitioners of Abyss mysticism. They tend to care about the Sabbat only insofar as it affords them a safe space in which to pursue their studies. Occasionally they venture forth to battle, demonstrating exotic Obtenebration arts and often calling on unfamiliar occult forces. Then they return to their labs and libraries.

Lasombra bishops love to have a few of the Abyss’s Children around in moments of crisis, and are then glad to see them go away. The dedicated scholars of the Abyss are strange even by Sabbat standards. No city has more than a few of the Abyss’s Children, but secret enclaves of Abyss mystics supposedly locate themselves far from known Sabbat strongholds. Their inhabitants either don’t mingle with the rest of the clan or do so under disguises no one has pierced. Skeptics figure that this is one more rumor used to keep vampires looking away from real targets in search of fake ones. (Clan book Lasombra Revised Page 48.)

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