The Abd'al-Sobek, literally meaning "Slaves of the Crocodile", are a Typhonist cult among the Followers of Set centered around Set's reputed childe Sobek, the crocodile god.


They revere Sobek as incarnation of the hunger of the Beast and promote indulgence and extremes wherever they find them, widening gaps between the rich and the poor and alienating both from each other. They admire the crocodile's hunger and hidden strength, and often infest territories that are already under Setite sway in order to prune them.

Their Founding Temple stands in Faiyum, Egypt, and is reputedly home to the slumbering Sobek and a retinue of ghouled crocodiles that give prophecies from their tormented domitor. Sobek, if he exists at all, is rumored by the Clan Elders to be a Mokolé Abomination, severed from Helios's grace by dark magic cast by Set himself and damned to exist as an unholy mockery of all what his kind stands for.