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Abaddon is the Archduke Devourer who led the Ebon Legion. He is nearly a demi-god, having great mastery over flesh, blood and bone. It is said that the reliquary of Archduke Abaddon was hidden away deep in the rainforest basin of Brazil.


This demon was summoned in the Akkadian region and thus became an Earthbound. He refused to believe in Lucifer's plans. With Asmodeus, he took control of Rome before the advent of Christianity. Abaddon rejected humanity and Lucifer and devoted his legion to create an army of sadistic beasts who would frighten God and the Elohim. He used humans as experiments. While in the Abyss, he spoke about the treachery of Lucifer.

Another of the archdukes who were the first to escape Hell’s confines, Abaddon is a blighted canker on the face of Creation, a being of sickness and pestilential might. Like Belial he has few rivals in power, but unlike the Great Beast he is willing to work with his fellow demons and Lucifer. With Asmodeus, Abaddon took control of Rome and worked to make the city into the sick heart of a corrupt Empire, commanding lesser demons and taking tribute from them in the form of followers and faith. The days of empire have vanished now, and Abaddon has little trust for his fellow demons; but he can tolerate the presence of his inferiors, and is prepared to work with them once again if it brings greater devastation within his grasp.

Abaddon is a lord of the flesh, and of its corruption and degradation. Disease and plague are his to command, as are poisons, cancers and sores. He can reshape the flesh of his thralls, or of helpless innocents, with a whim, bursting them apart with tumors or ripping them to shreds with muscle spasms. He is a demon of wrath, although he tempers his constant rage with an inhuman intelligence, so that his true target is always the first to fall before his unstoppable rampages. He often gifts his thralls with inhuman strength or resilience, as well as both immunity to disease and the ability to spread it to others.


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