Pillar: Ab
Nicknames: The Lion-Headed, Hands of Sekhmet, Sphinxes
Judges: Akhi, Hepet-Ket, Neb-Heru, Neheb-Ka, Ruruti, Ser-Tihu, Usekh-Nemtet, Usekh-Nemtet

The Lion-Headed are the mummies who have arisen with Ab as their defining pillar.


Before the Judges of Duat, the Sphinxes declared that feelings were what defined them. They retained a spark of life, the feelings and passions that many Arisen lack. This isn’t to suggest that those who pronounce the decree of heart are flighty sensualists, though a few might be. The Lion-Headed are driven by their passions in almost all things.

They react on instinct, living in the moment. Their loves burn; their hatreds freeze. One will never find a friend or servitor more loyal than a Deathless of the decree the heart—and one will never find an enemy more spiteful or implacable. Contributing to their reputation for being impassioned is the fact that the Lion-Headed are among the mummies most likely to abandon—or at least delay—the purpose for which they were raised.

It’s not that they don’t care, simply that they may well find something they care about more—or, at least, that briefly fascinates them into pursuing it. The Deathless of heart are also among the mummies most likely to attempt to linger and continue to live after their purpose is fulfilled.


The gatherings that develop around the Hands of Sekhmet tend to be cults of personality. The Deathless at the center attracts those who are drawn to personal charisma, and they, in turn, draw others who feel the same. These cults are built on personal loyalty (passed down through the generations) as much as occult or religious adherence, and they often raise their Deathless patrons for reasons that the cults of other decrees might consider insufficiently important.

Restoring PillarsEdit

The Hands of Sekhmet restore their confidence, and their Pillars, through the validation of their instincts and feelings. When the Lion-Headed successfully navigates a challenge by improvisation where others thought it wiser to work out a detailed plan; gains the assistance of another via emotional appeal; or proves his superiority over an enemy or rival (not just victory, but superiority), they can regain a point of their defining pillar. A complete new emotional experience can replenish his whole Pillar.

Mummy: The Curse Decrees

Ab · Ba · Ka · Ren · Sheut



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