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The (Unofficial) White Wolf Wiki is a collaborative encyclopedia project where you can find out about the worlds and systems created by White Wolf., producer of many roleplaying games, board games, card games, novels and more. The White Wolf Wiki started in May 2004, and currently has 8,786 articles. See what's changed recently.

Wraith 20th Anniversary

Help celebrate Wraith's 20th anniversary by filling out our Wraith-, Orpheus- and Geist-related articles!

Game-WTO Wraith: The Oblivion pages Game-GTS Geist: The Sin-Eaters pages

Today in History

Today is

Real-life Events

Classic World of Darkness Events

  • 1910
    • Winthrop Murray writes that, following the Boston tragedy, the Arcanum Executive Committee has declared that each Chapter House should appoint one of its members to the position of Warden, whose primary duty is the maintenance of the House's security.[7]

Trinity Universe Events

  • 2010
    • Brother Milo teaches his cell how to look for what doesn't fit and what people don't say. The unnamed diary author decides to study the Avatar, a particularly Satanic nova who teaches people that novas are God's chosen messengers.[10]

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