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Events Edit

  • 1000 BCE - 800 BCE: The Mahabharata and the Ramayana join the tradition of Vedic canon.[1]
  • 899 BCE: Varjapani sifu Chan Ng reverses his position and orders the death of all death mages along the Ganges.[2]
  • 850 BCE: Beginning of the Wheel of Swords. Thanatoic scholars notice that young mages seem to have vendettas against other mages they've never met, and conclude that their Avatars are reincarnating carrying the rage of their former lives. These mages - even young children - are susceptible to Infernalism.[2]
  • 850 BCE: Necrosynthetic magic becomes a high art among the Idran, who use it to become the Nagaraja.[2]
  • 814 BCE: Carthage is founded by Phoenician settlers.[3]
  • 800 BCE: The art of writing with ink and brush is quite rare at this time.[4]
  • 800 BCE: The people known as the Celts first appear in Austria.[5]
  • 800 BCE: A Sonnike chief founds the city of Kumbi between the rivers Senegal and Niger, laying the foundation for the future empire of Ghana.[7]

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