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Events Edit

  • 61 AD: Invading Romans force the remaining druids to one of their most powerful remaining Nodes. They call upon their pagan gods, and the sanctuary is saved, being turned into the Autumn Circle Seasonal Realm.[1]
  • 61 AD: Queen Boudicca of the Iceni is publicly flogged by Roman legionnaires and forced to watch as her daughters are raped. She undergoes her First Change and raises an army against the Romans, who were backed by the Wyrm. Despite victories against Rome, she is eventually defeated and commits suicide.[2]
  • 64 AD: Great Fire of Rome. Flames spare Collegium Praecepti guild hall, but destroy Hermetic Library Mercuris. Fights break out between Hermetic factions, particularly the pagan and Christian factions. Christians blamed, resulting in a purge of the Messianic Voices.[3][4]

References Edit

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