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Events Edit

  • Himalayan Wars end. Misunderstanding between Akashic missionaries and Hindu magi sparks feud. Reincarnation Arts ensure the feud is long and bitter. Ends through Akashic withdrawal and seclusion.[3]
  • 680 BCE: The Milesian school of philosophy attempts to define reality through pure reason.[5]
  • 679 BCE: The beginning of the Himalayan Wars, although this is contradicted by other sources.[6][1]
  • 672 BCE - 525 BCE: The 26th Dynasty in Egypt ; the increasing contact between Greece and Egypt (and the import of mercenaries from the former to the latter) allows Black Furies to enter the land of Khem and help strengthen the remaining werewolves there.[7][8]
  • 650: The Milesian school describes the world as consisting of fundamental, primordial elements. Thales of Miletus and his disciples develop the Greek atomic theory.[12]
  • 612 BCE: Scythians and Medes sack Nineveh. Black Fury Leukippes and her pack fight in the battle. [14]
  • 600 BCE: By this year, Hinduism has branched into a number of schools.[16]

Notes Edit

  • ^  This year was established by taking the date mentioned for the Night of Fana (165 years after the beginning of the War) on page 14, using other sources to determine when the Night of Fana took place, and then backdating from that point.

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