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The 6th century in the Classic World of Darkness.

Events Edit

  • 500 - 550: The Akashic Brotherhood constructs several monasteries throughout the East to help enlighten the common people. The most famous, the Shaolin, soon gains great reputation.[1]
  • Around 500 AD, settlers from Ireland found Dalriada. Fianna capture two Caerns just prior to the initial landings.[2]
  • During this century Arturus the Bear-King rules in Britain.[3]
  • By this time, Chinese writing, political thought, and Buddhism have all been introduced to Japan.[6]
  • Buddhism and Hinduism are in a philosophical clash for followers.[7]
  • Classical period of Guatemalan Mayan city-states begins. Some of the “gods” to whom blood was given may have been vampires. Other city-states revere Bastet of the Balam tribe.[9]

References Edit

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