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The sixth millennium BCE in the Classic World of Darkness.


  • 10000 BCE - 5000 BCE: Most historians place this as "prehistory."[1] The construction of the Sphinx dates to this time.[2]
  • 5002 BC circa: Set was born on shores of the bountiful river Nile.[3]
  • 5000 BC: According to Werewolf: The Apocalypse First Edition, this is one of two possible (rough) dates for the beginning of the Impergium; pages 14 and 200 describe it as being 3000 years long, but page 29 describes it as being 1000 years long, and that the Concord (which ended the Impergium) was reached around 2000 BCE. Therefore, the other potential time period for the Impergium to begin is around 3000 BCE – according to 1st Edition. Later editions of Werewolf will place the Impergium as beginning – and ending – far earlier than 1st Edition does. [5]
  • 5000 BC circa: Mankind discovers the "poison metals" silver and gold. Despite the best efforts of the Fera to stamp out the knowledge of it, humans utilize these metals for their own gain.[6]

Notes Edit

  • 5000 BCE - 476 AD: The ancient, or Classical period.[1]


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