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400s BCE
This Century In Other Timelines

Real life: 400s BCE

Chronicles of Darkness: 400s BCE

Age of Sorrows: 400s BRY

Classic World of Darkness: 400s BCE

Trinity Universe: 400s BCE

Events Edit

  • Mithraism dates from this period, with Mithra appearing as a Persian god of light and wisdom.[2]
  • Herodotus visits Babylon and reports that every woman in the city must spend a night in the "Temple of Aphrodite" atop Etemenanki to await a conjugal visit from Marduk. In truth, the resident priests use a "Sacred Marriage" ritual to activate the gate, giving the Void the strength to manifest.[3]
  • 490 BCE - 250 BCE: Within a relatively short period of time, viziers establish four great cities through use of magic: Ad, Thamud, Tasm, and Jadis are build by the Taftâni. The Taftâni kings and warlords of these cities engage in increasingly destructive battles until all four are blasted beyond recognition.[6]
  • 478 BCE: Temple of Apollo built at Delphi.[8]
  • 475 BCE: By this year, Chinese culture has acquired the sophistication and ruthlessness that would be put to good use by Qin Shihuang.[9]

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