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The fourth millennium BCE in the Chronicles of Darkness.

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  • 3550 BCE: The fertile valley of the upper Nile sees the first post-Irem towns, and a small nation centered on Nubet, Nekheb, and Nekhen flourishes. It will eventually form the nucleus of Upper Kemet.[2]



  • 3300 BCE: Abdju, the hill of relics, is now the site of a small town. The inhabitants discover several strange artifacts buried in the landscape of the hill, including the mummified remains of dozens of Arisen.[2]



  • 3114 BCE: According to the Popol Vuh, the eleventh b’ak’tun ends and another long count begins.[3]
  • 3100 BCE:Upper Kemet is unified behind a king for the first time - the monarch takes the name “Scorpion” after the symbol of lost Irem.
    • The population of the upper river valley and the lower delta marshlands clusters into villages as its numbers grow. Nekheb now contains the first large-scale temple built since the Shan’iatu, to the goddess Nekhbet. Across the river in Nekhen, another local deity named Heru is the patron of the royal family.[2]


  • 3055 BCE: Scorpion’s successor Narmer leads raids into the delta marshlands and enslaves vast numbers of rural villagers.[4]
  • 3050 BCE: Upper and Lower Kemet are united under Narmer’s conquest. He becomes the first king of all Kemet, ruling from Nekhen. Construction of a new city at the meeting-point of valley and delta begins, to control river traffic and cement a new nation.[4]
  • 3000 BCE: Fifty years into the First Dynasty, the new white-walled city of Inbu-Hedj is now occupied by the Great House and their administration. Nekhen and Nubet fall from prominence as the cult centers at Abdju rise, while in the delta the villages of Pe and Dep unite around a temple to their patron goddess to become Per-Wadjet.
    • The priests at Abdju have uncovered engravings describing the god of death, although without knowing Azar’s name they build their own mythology around it, calling their god Khenti-Amentiu, “Foremost of the Westerners.” Aping the legends, kings are entombed around Abdju.[4]
  • 3000 BCE: The Bronze Age begins in Greece.[5]

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