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Real life: 260

Chronicles of Darkness: 260

Age of Sorrows: 260

Classic World of Darkness: 260

Trinity Universe: 260

Events Edit

  • Valerian is captured by Persians. Generals Quietus and Macrianus are elected by their troops as Emperors, and successfully lead the troops out of Persia, only to face Emperor Gallienus and lose.[2]
  • Ignenuus takes advantage of the unstable situation to have himself declared Emperor, but dies facing legitimate Romean forces. Regalianus gets elected Emperor by eastern provinces almost by accident. He saves his people from the Sarmatians, but gets assassinated by his own people.[2]
  • Around this time, Plotinus and Porphyry write about Neoplatonism, also known as Theurgy, a pagan philosophy based on the works of Plato.[4]

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