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Events Edit

  • The fourth Sothic Turn. Many Arisen awaken from their slumber, finding their possessions scattered by the remnants of the British Empire, locked away in museums and mansions.[1]

June Edit

  • June 15: Jon sends a typewritten letter to Gina, recounting his time outside of the hospital, running into an odd, old patchwork woman who was following him because he "looks like a William."[2]
  • June 15: Mary writes a letter to "William" about how wonderful it was to see him again, right when and where the clockwork angel told her to.[3]
  • June 18: Stephen writes a letter to Frances at her request, describing a copy of "Golden Truths" he found. The book is a self-help book about using the workings of a global machine to improve your life, but halfway through it's obvious the book is not metaphorical and describes specific access points and machine parts.[4]
  • June 21: Mary writes a letter addressed to "William" recounting how when she saw him she knew it was him and she wonders why he changed his name pleading for a reply from him.[5]
  • June 21: Stephen writes a responce to Mr. Theleme stating his reasion for investigation is that of profit. He then goes on to compare Capitalism to both a machine and God and how it speaks to him and will allow him to obtain the profit and riches he wants to obtain.[6]
  • June 23: Jon sends a typewritten letter to Mary stating he has no relation to a "William Dear" and that he has not changed his name. He then pleads to her to stop sending him letters."[5]

August Edit

  • August 11: Jon sends a typewritten letter to Gina expressing his concerns about getting too close to machines. He tries to reassure her that things will be all right, and that he loves her.[7]

December Edit

References Edit

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