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  • The 41st official conclave of the Camarilla's Inner Circle.[1].
  • The Occupy Movement is founded to make its stand against the 1% of the world's elite, hoping to advance social and economic justice and new forms of democracy. Unfortunately, the Movement is soon infiltrated by agents of the Wyrm.[2]
  • Libya is ravaged by the coming of the Arab Spring, resulting the large scale destruction of the capital Sirte and the death of dictator Gaddafi.[3]
  • President Mubarak of Egypt is forced to resign after mass protests in the wake of the Arab Spring. He is replaced by a Supreme Council of Armed Forces, who are to guarantee stability, but instead turn on the protesters. Multiple Garou suspect the involvement of vampires.[4]
  • The Akritai order finds the lair of an ancient vampire beneath the Czech Republic. The order takes heavy losses, but manages to kill the vampire, gaining access to her library, which includes a copy of the Book of Nod and the Apostate Auguries.[5]
  • A large earthquake shakes Japan, resulting in a large tsunami that devastates the coast. To make things even worse, the nuclear plant at Fukushima experiences a meltdown after many power plants are damaged and fail to support the cooling system.[6]
  • Pentex buys American Corrections, gaining access to several private prisons in the United States.[7]

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  • ^  The Celestial Chorus Tradition Book claims that Maria Vasquez predicted the Reconciliation for this date, partially because it's the end of the current cycle of creation in the Mayan calendar. In actuality, the end of the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar, which the Mayan culture used, will reach the end of the current cycle on December 12, 2012. One can imagine either Vasquez herself was wrong, or her followers were.


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