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Trinity Universe: 2010

Events Edit

  • By this time, Nevada's Yucca Mountain will be the home of the collected nuclear waste of the entire United States of America.[1]
  • Issue 1 of Paradigma successor Z-Ray Quarterly insults the Technocracy for having eliminated the Luminiferous Ether.[2]
  • A massive oil spill by Endron caused by the explosion of a seemingly indestructible oilrig leaves the company open to massive criticism from the public. Endron is forced to pay more than five billion dollars in damages.[3]


  • Syndicate experiments on the stock market lead to a near catastrophe as a trading algorithm places a bid on a $4.1 billion-dollar trade. Other algorithms become corrupted and the world economy nearly crashes again. Three agents die from Paradox backlashes as they fix the situation with Time. No one knows who was behind the rogue algorithm.[4]

References Edit

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